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:::PDX Fusion Proudly Presents:::

Join us in a celebration of different modalities of expression. We will bring together the finest in Portland’s art, music, science and performance nexuses to create a truly memorable “words”-themed night, headlined by Sixis, with support from AfroQBen, the Incredible Kid, and dj MOM. Expect to dance, learn, create and play!

*We are a community oriented and supported event; a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the Marissa Mission: http://www.marissamission.org/ *


||| Sixis |||
Sixis is the latest musical venture of Bay Area native Ben Wyss. This project fuses distinct sonic spaces with danceable bass music aesthetics to create a thought provoking and emotive experience. Synthetic and organic elements blur through field recording and electronic synthesis, generating a familiar yet alien trip through the body and out of the imagination. Throbbing low frequencies morph and flow through psychedelic glitches and back into melody, all of which are layered into a single stream of vibration. This is done in order to stimulate people to think about what is really going on and what connections can be made beneath the surface, even once they have left the dancefloor. Inspired by the ever changing world around us, this is merely a reflection of what has been and will be experienced.

||| Incredible Kid |||
Beginning with incorporating Asian Drum and Bass, Reggaeton, and Meren-Rap songs into his late ’90s house party sets, The Incredible Kid built his reputation igniting Portland, Oregon dance floors with the incendiary urban sounds of international dance music. In late 2000 The Kid introduced DJ Anjali to the dancing masses, and the two spearheaded the Bhangra and Bollywood scene in Portland through their Andaz night, still running strong since its debut in July of 2002. Alongside fellow DJ E3, the two initiated the global bass scene in Portland when they founded the club night Atlas in November of 2003.

||| AfroQBen |||
AfroQBen is a multi-instrumentalist inspired by the West Coast electronic scene, and an on going addiction to crate digging. He draws from a wide palate of sonic colours, blending afro-cuban rhythms with funk, reggae and hip-hop. Recent highlights include; Winner of the Basement Freaks remix competition, tunes appearing on numerous (UK) Ghetto Funk scours, and his freshly debut album “Liquid Gold” on Timewarp Music (Greece). “Liquid Gold”, showcases his skills for creating world influenced electronic music, incorporating live musicians and vocalists from around the globe. “Liquid Gold Remixed Vol.1”, delivers new versions of the tracks, featuring remixes by Empresarios and Congo Sanchez (from Thievery Corporation), Drum Spyder (US), and many more. With another EP “Jam Packed” underway, free singles popping up regularly, and plans to tour internationally, QBen’s sound is being heard in cars, bars, and rickshaws near you…

||| Ate21 –aka– dj MOM |||
As dj MOM, he is mostly known as either an ambient/downtempo or bass heavy dance music dj. With an upbringing heavily rooted in the rhythm section of music, the percussion and bass of the music he’s been selecting since ’94-’95 is absolutely astral.
As ate21 he is a producer and emcee. Working solo as well as with various projects he has released music with Cyclops, Salmon River Project, Phorx, Matt Pleztrom (FR), dj Keor (FR), Dirty Hairy(HR) & Ill Treats (UK), Vesicle (FI) and others. His lyrics are more like hearing journal entries rather than most hip hop that one hears on a regular basis. On the production side he’s had some releases including his piece “untitled beauty” which was featured in the soundtrack of the documentary film “11Eleven Project”.
He’s crafting a special blend of both for this event.


Fusion: WORDS performances will feature words-based projects – including storytelling, spoken word, freestyling – fused with other performance art forms such as live beat-making, dance, and more!

Performance art participants will be added to the lineup as projects are confirmed.

||| Ariel Zimmer & Talia Vintzileos – Body Language |||
A fusion of spoken word, modern dance and acoustic sounds telling a very human story of the many dimensions of love and the heart.

||| Katie Penna, Mark Gerolami, Kizzy Anel – Storytelling |||
Live storytelling set to live music with live illustration

||| Melody Kay and Candy Barr – Checked Baggage |||
Witness how emotional baggage can weigh on our ability to explore movement.

||| Erica Belfiore & Mista Ox – Letters to XY |||
A spoken word piece between the modern man and the modern woman, exploring archetypes in poetry and performance.


Interactive and visual art participants and projects will be added to the lineup as projects are confirmed. Stay tuned!

||| Endi Clark – Giant Interactive Madlib |||
The most delightful, compelling, rousing, stimulating, provocative, lively, engaging game you can play with adverbs; now giant, and with booze!

||| Dead Letter – a pirate mail service |||
Deadletter is a connectivity art project where strangers write strangers a letter, and those letters are given to travelers to see if they can arrive via hand-to-hand transmission.

||| Live Improved Visual Entertainment | EnochWho? |||
Projection art is a fusion in itself, but VJ EnochWho? plans to share word-influenced visuals including real-time analog text wordsmithing fused with original and sampled images and video.

||| Parallel Praxis – Torben Hennessey |||
Silk-screening and apparel alteration through mathematical process, Parallel Praxis brings Intelligent Design with a twist to the peoples.


WORDS will begin with a salon-style presentation or discussion led by a local expert in the field. Do you have a topic related to words that you’d like to share? We’re looking for social activists, scientists, and artists alike…

Expect to be informed, entertained, and inspired to action!

||| Will Lillard – Creating Social Change through Body-Centered Communication |||
BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences, BA in Applied Linguistics, Reiki Master
Cross pollinating the writings of David Abrams, James Carey, and Lev Vygotsky, Will explores the relationship between communication and culture in society, how language and communicating are very much grounded in the physical body and ritual. Experience of this physical language through dance and movement practice is a doorway to knowing ourselves and knowing the self in relation to others is key to social change.

Event photography provided by the most talented Jeremy Running Photography

Analog Café @ DRD Little Records Theater
Doors @ 8:30 (presentation to begin at 9pm)
21+ with valid ID
$15 at the door / $10 Pre-Sale
Tickets: http://portland.strangertickets.com/events/13004446/fusion-words
A portion of the proceeds donated to the Marissa Mission: http://www.marissamission.org/

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Date(s) -   Saturday, March 8th
9:00 pm - 2:00 am

Analog Cafe

720 SE Hawthorne

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